Multiplex miRNA Assay

SimPlex-miR™ : Simple multiplex miRNA

  • Innovation: Multiple miRNAs in one tube within 20 min without PCR amplification.
  • High Fidelity miRNAs Profiles: Solve the bottle neck of miRNAs biomarker assay, including batch variations of isolation yield, bias of miRNA labelling/ligation, and bias of PCR amplification from GC contents and annealing temperature.
  • Applications: Liquid biopsy of cancer early
diagnostics, drug selection and R&D for 
new therapeutics.

SimPlex-miR™ overcomes the bias from PCR amplification (Company Q) and redundant operations and long/high temperature hybridization (Company T)

Challenges - Limitations of Current PCR Based miRNA Assay

Mass of total miRNAs is less than 0.1% from sera, and consists of 13,000 kinds of different sequences.

I. Batch Variations of miRNA Isolation

  • Consistency from different measurement and different group

II. Biases in RNA Ligation & PCR Amplification

  • Significant biases introduced by RNA ligation lead to inaccurate miRNA quantification by 1000 folds.
  • Respective miRNA G/C content greatly influences rates of cDNA synthesis and is also responsible for template-specific preferences in PCR amplification.

    Raabe et al., Nucleic Acids Research, 2014

Innovations - SimPlex-miR™ Providing High Fidelity Profiles

Accuracy from SimPlex: 20 min. mix/hybridization + 1 min analysis.
  • Short hybridization time reduces the possibility of miRNA degradation and non-specific adsorption.
  • Multiplex miRNA assay and analysis methodology solves the batch variations.

Summary of SimPlex-miR™

Applicable to other type of linear RNA
, such as lncRNA, mRNA

Cost reduced to 5-10% of other miRNAs assay

High Fidelity miRNAs Profiling

1. No PCR bias 2. No miRNA ligation bias 3. No miRNA isolation batch variations 4. Short assay time, less miRNA degradation and nonspecific adsorption

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