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WatsonBio Sciences provides a comprehensive portfolio of custom services, including DNA/peptide synthesis, recombinant protein, stable cell lines and miRNA assay development. Instead of a service vendor, we are a partner who can be relied on and who will work with you to design customized solutions for your projects, to advance your research, and to accelerate your results.


Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative solutions and help them to increase efficiency of their research programs while maintaining high quality and service standards.

Peptide Synthesis

Peptide from milligram to kilogram, 3-149 amino acids, purity of all levels with various modifications

Recombinant Protein

Four protein expression systems: bacterial, yeast, insect and mammalian

Stable Cell Lines

Stable transfection and screening, lentivirus stable cell lines, isogenic stable cell lines

Molecular Biology

Gene synthesis, cloning/subcloning from gDNA, mRNA, BACs, PACs, plasmid preparation

Multiple miRNA Assay

SimPlex-miR™ in one tube within 20 min without PCR amplification to generate accurate and reproducible miRNAs profiling

Histology and Pathology

Stable transfection and screening, lentivirus stable cell lines, isogenic stable cell lines

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Kostya B.
Bethesda, MD
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I have been having a very positive experience working with Watsonbio through several peptide synthesis orders with unusual amino acids. Watsonbio delivered good QC, quick turn around on orders, as well as very competitive prices.
Ammon P.
Washington University in St. Louis
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Our first interaction with WatsonBio involved custom synthesis of some daunting peptide sequences that other synthesis companies had declined to attempt. WatsonBio accepted the challenge and successfully synthesized the peptides at a competitive price and with an excellent turnaround time. Since then, we have relied on WatsonBio to synthesize a variety of custom peptides ranging from simple to formidable, and they have consistently delivered high-quality peptide every time.
Yuri P.
Medical University of South Carolina
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Watsonbio has been a great asset providing us a rapid and cost effective means to test different peptides in a wide verity of applications. Peptides we order are always delivered on time, with very fair pricing, and with extensive data on the critical aspects of quality and purity.