Substance P, Free Acid


The conformation of substance P (free acid) (SPOH) has been investigated in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), water and dipalmitoylphosphotidylcholine (DPPC) bilayers by two-dimensional NMR and restraint molecular dynamics simulations. The observed NOE patterns for substance P (free acid) in these media are very much different from each other. The conformation of substance P (free acid) in DPPC bilayers is characterized by gamma-bends at Pro4,Gln6and Phe7, which are stabilized by hydrogen bonding between Lys3CO–>Gln5NH, Gln5CO–>Phe7NH and Gln6CO–>Phe8NH, respectively. The absence of biological activity in SPOH has been attributed to the absence of any helix like structure at the central residues and absence of any interresidue interaction with C-terminal OH group, in DPPC bilayers, a feature shown to be an important prerequisite for SP and SP agonists to bind to the NKI tachykinin receptor.

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TFA Salt



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